PO Box 1119, Lutz, FL 33548
(813) 944-8466

About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to support our community by offering new employment opportunities in a safe and secure environment where our clients, families, employees and ecosystem can thrive.  We accomplish this by providing superior cleaning services, a supportive work place and by using green seal products.


Green Seal Products

We want you and your family to come home to a fresh and clean smelling house without any trace of the strong, toxic chemicals that some products can leave in the air and on your belongings.  Our Clean Home is committed to protecting our environment.  We use only Green Seal cleaning products which are designed to be safe for children, pets, and every surface of your home.  We also use HEPA filters in our vacuum cleaners to trap particles that many vacuums release back into the air.


Our Staff

Our staff is fully insured and a background check is performed on every member.  Each of our cleaning specialists attends a professional training program to work in a safe manner and perform the highest quality cleaning services.  We assess the accountability, dependability, work ethic, and level of service provided by each member prior to assigning them to a home.  We also provide all cleaning equipment and products needed to clean every aspect of your home.


Our Vision

Our vision is to ultimately provide superior service to each of our customers, meeting and exceeding their expectations in all aspects of cleaning their homes.  We want to provide you with the extra time to do the things you want to do and we want you to come home to a clean, comfortable house.